Grace Beyond the Garden

crazy. ill-literate - literate. littered quick for civility.

welcome to the uncivilized me.


#stolen #repost #chasing #paper #money #notime for #hoes #lol

my mentality from now on…


#stolen #repost #chasing #paper #money #notime for #hoes #lol

my mentality from now on…

I look spray tan orange but this cupcake was totally worth it! 


I think… I think this is the perfect gif set. The most perfect gif set on the whole internet.

I love how I seen this and Rihanna’s pour it up came on.,.. #loveit

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Hugs - Mini Request

I know this is a weird request … and I am assuming that all 9 of the people that follow me will read this lol … but because I am feeling lazy today and a little down… Can someone look up a funny or cute GIF for me? *Hugs and Besos to anyone that responds* lol I won’t hold my breath but I’ll cross my fingers. :)

living too hungry to ever feel full

Looking over me and recognizing me as a bright child - 

My mother smiled and remarked that…

I wasn’t made for the middle passage of poverty

living in a generation - with enough longevity to watch it hollow me out

and contort my limbs and bend me into submission

branded to multiple masters - some bearing cards, some bearing loans, stripping my bone for its last ounce marrow -

Its been drilled into me - that i’m property - and even my value is subject to variables beyond my reach

And yet still I seek the humbling horizon retreating into the distance 

But anything seems like a promise land after every man I loved left me for God

Call me Mara now - for I am broad, embittered, betrayed and dismayed with my days that seem to be filled with endless tribulations

Child of many nations - made a slave -  

Serf to field of Sallie May - Drowning in the Great Lakes - Where my Boaz knows no mercy - and taxes me as I glean knowledge from his fields of mirages 

and when I run - I find someone has chained me down - and changed me now into an animal - a hungry animal 

i know not how to be fed and satisfied

i know plates don’t refill on command

i know how to live by commands 

i know how to survive 

subsist on the last ounce of dignity to cross my lips

when that bitch - is me 

Is my next paycheck - my sanity

sanatitized - compartmentalized emotions

ain’t no time for mental health

when my lack of wealth makes breathing unhealthy

burden to be set free -

in a land of milk and honey surrounded by glass - holes - 

assholes - shitting on my american dream 

watching it feen for rainbows - that wash away on rainy days

and never leave enough gold to do anything but gawk at

talk that - pride - like it means something - when in yourself you need something you were born to far away from…

stuck in a self fulfilling prophecy

like they got me - they got us 

and now with bills hastily clutched in my palm

it feels wrong to belong to this class

im still half hungry


Erika Fabian - Hands (2012)

This is beautiful 

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Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies.
You know where you fuck up.

My ex used to check me on these… I’m a hardass now and single lol 


Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies.

You know where you fuck up.

My ex used to check me on these… I’m a hardass now and single lol